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Widget Cross-Device Synchronization 💾

Cross-device synchronization allows synchronizing user widget states (e.g. read/seen publications) so they can pick up where they were left off when they move between devices.

Let's take an example: you have integrated a Noticeable Widget on your pages for authenticated users and you recently released a new publication. A user opens your page by using a mobile device. Since a new publication was published, the Noticeable Widget notifies the user. The user reads the publication and leaves your page. Now, a few hours or days later the same user comes back on your pages but connecting from a laptop. What happens?

If you don't use cross-device synchronization, the user will get notified again by the Noticeable Widget about your new publication. However, if cross-device synchronization is configured, the widget states are retrieved from Noticeable servers and the user does not get notified again for something he was already aware of, thus offering a continuous browsing experience.

How to enable Widget Cross-Device Synchronization?

Enabling the feature requires 2 actions:

Open the Noticeable dashboard, select a project, click on Widgets in the left menu and select Enabled for the Cross-Device Synchronization switch that appears:

Uniquely identify your users by using the Noticeable JavaScript SDK:

noticeable.identify('PROJECT_ID', {
    id: 'a8ONg9xpnGmSg', // your unique user ID (required)
    avatarUrl: '', // optional
    displayName: 'John Doe',  // optional
    firstName: 'John',  // optional
    email: '' // optional
    lastName: 'Doe',  // optional

or by passing an end-user SSO token:

noticeable.identify('PROJECT_ID', 'YOUR_END_USER_SSO_TOKEN');

Invoke noticeable.identify(...) before any call to noticeable.render('widget', ...).

Learn more about how to identify users.

Updated on: 09/17/2023

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