User Feedback

User feedback, aka hidden comments are a great way to discover what your users have to say. Once enabled, users can easily share their feedback for updates you publish.

Enabling User Feedback

User feedback is available with the Business plan. When creating a post, check the new User feedback option to enable the comment input below the post shown to users:

Accessing Received Feedback

On your project dashboard, each post displays a feedback icon that summarizes the number of comments you received:

Upon click, you can read the messages and get detailed information about the user who submitted the feedback:

Linking User Data

By default, comments are anonymous:

You can automatically link users name and email for feedback submitted from your pages with our SDK. 

Installing the SDK

Paste the following code in your page, in the HTML head section, just before </head>.

<script src=""></script>

Setting User Data

In your app, use the following JavaScript code snippet to pass user data:

id: "x12ab931cqw62eq",
email: "",
name: "John Doe"

The id property is mandatory. It must be unique for your app, never change for the same user and use alphanumerical characters only. As a consequence, using an email address is not allowed.

Once setup is performed, feedback submitted using the Noticeable Widget will automatically associate user data with the message sent. If an email was specified, the name will be clickable:

For users on non-authenticated pages (e.g. someone who has not registered yet, or a user who browses a Noticeable Timeline), you can customize the default texts to suggest users to leave an email or a number to contact them back.
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