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Noticeable-Zapier Integration ⚡

Noticeable integrates with Zapier, thus allowing to connect your projects with 2000+ services and automate most of your recurrent tasks.

How to link Zapier with Noticeable?

Linking Noticeable with Zapier is as simple as follows:

Open the Noticeable dashboard.
Select Integrations in the left menu.
Identify the Zapier integration box and click on Configure:

The page that appears contains your Zapier secret key. This is the key to use when creating a Zap on Zapier. Keep it secret as it gives access to all projects.

Your Zapier secret key is different from API keys. You cannot use an API key to authenticate on a Zap with Zapier.

You can link projects with a Zapier account. For this purpose, click on the Install button next to the project you want to link and follow what appears:

Updated on: 02/06/2021

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