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Nested Labels

Managing labels for multiple products or filtering criteria can quickly become a headache. As your label list grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify the purpose of each label and filter effectively. To solve this problem, we support Nested Labels on the Business and Enterprise plans.

Creating a Nested Label

The flow to create a nested label is quite similar than creating a standard label:

Open your project in the Noticeable dashboard.
Select Labels in the left navigation.
Click on the New Label button on the top right side of the page.
As label name enter a your hierarchy levels separated by a slash /. For instance if you have Mobile version and 8.32, then enters Mobile version / 8.32:

Advanced grouping and filtering

When you using nested labels that shares a common prefix, our system will automatically group common prefixes together. For example, if you have labels named Mobile version / 8.32 and Mobile version / 8.31, our system will recognize that they belong to the same category and create a label group for Mobile version.

For instance, our Newspages automatically detect the hierarchies and display labels on the listing page by grouping labels by their prefix, providing a more organized and streamlined experience for your team and customers:

Nested Labels also make advanced filtering more intuitive. Labels within the same group are treated as a logical OR, while labels from different groups/prefixes are treated as a logical AND when you select multiple labels for filtering.


We currently support a single level of hierarchy only.

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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