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Auto-Refresh 🔄

Auto-Refresh enables refreshing your Newspage or Widget content automatically.

Let's say you are using a Noticeable widget on your pages. A user comes on your page, see what's new and keeps the page opened in a browser tab for hours or days. In the meantime, you publish a new publication. Some time after your publication the user clicks back on the browser tab that contains your page. What will happen?

With Auto-refresh the user gets notified about your new publication. Without Auto-Refresh the user will not get notified about your new publication: a manual and explicit page refresh from the user is required.

Note that a page refresh counts as a new page view in analytics. If you prefer to disable the feature due to this, or for another technical reason, we offer an option in Newspages and Widgets settings.
Auto-refresh is available and automatically enabled with the Business and Enterprise plans.

Updated on: 09/16/2022

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