Widget auto refresh

The Noticeable Widget allows notifying your customers about what's new. However, what if customers keep your product pages opened for a long time without reloading?

By default, the Noticeable Widget automatically refreshes its content every hour. You can customize the refresh period from your Widget configuration page on Noticeable if you are on the Growth or Business plan:

Open a project from your dashboard.
Select "Widget" in the sub-menu.
Set your value in the "Auto-refresh" field (in minutes):

Noticeable Widget Settings

or programmatically (in milliseconds):


The value for the refresh period cannot be lower than 1 minute. If you want to disable the auto refresh feature, you simply need to set the value to -1 .

Although requests are cached by a first-class Content Delivery Network (CDN), please note that reducing the Auto-refresh value will in most cases increase cache invalidations and thus affect your requests quota.
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