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Top Banner Widget

Noticeable Top Banner widget allows you to tell people about your latest updates, ongoing promotions, discounts, maintenances or even keep users updated about live issues.

Defining a countdown

Countdowns are a great manner to create an incentive and boost conversions.
Here is an example using the Noticeable Top Banner Widget:

Inserting a countdown in your top banner is quite simple. You simply have to insert the placeholder {countdown} in your publication title where you want your countdown to appear. When your Top Banner is displayed, the placeholder is automatically replaced by an animated countdown whose time is relative to your publication expiration date-time.

The last step is to ensure you have a defined expiration date and time for your publication:

Layout with multiline content

The Top Banner layout is flexible and adapts based on your publication content and widget settings:

When you enter content in your publication and the Top Banner options allow displaying content, then the banner layout switches to a vertical stack.

The widget option that controls if your publication content must be displayed or not is called Description line clamp. It defines the number of lines to display. When set to 0, your publication content is ignored and only the title is considered. If you want to display your full publication content, we suggest using 99 as value:

Responsive by design

The Top Banner widget adapts to the size of user screens and display nicely on desktop and mobile devices. There is no action required. However, we offer an option to disable the display of the banner on mobile devices.

A Noticeable Top Banner rendered on a Desktop device.

The same Top Banner rendered on a mobile device.

Restricting publications to a Top Banner

A common use case is to have some publications displayed on your Top Banner but not on your Newspage or other widgets.

There are at least 2 solutions to achieve this purpose:

You create a dedicated project and a Top Banner widget in that project. This way, all publications related to your Top Banner are centralized and easily manageable. You can even define specific persons who are allowed to publish on that project and thus on your Top Banner.
You make use of segmentation. You configure your Top Banner widget to filter publications on a given segment value and when you want to publish a publication on your Top Banner, you assign the same segment value to your publication:

Configuring a Top Banner Widget to filter on a segment value.

Setting a segment value to a publication.

Updated on: 06/30/2021

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