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Serving Newspages under your own domain 🌐

By default, Newspages are served from the domain using the slug of your choice. For branding reasons but also due to corporate requirements you may need to serve Newspage content under your own domain or subdomain. Noticeable supports this use case.

How to configure a Newspage custom domain?

You can customize the URL to a more professional and easy to remember one such as or The setup is as simple as follows:

Open the project of your choice in the Noticeable dashboard.
Select Newspage in the left menu.
In the Basic & Custom Domain settings group, identify the field named Custom domain and enter the domain or subdomain you want to link.
Once you have entered your custom domain, setup instructions appear. Complete the DNS configuration as described.
Click the Verify Domain button on the bottom right side:

The first time you will open your custom domain URL in your brower, Noticeable will generate an HTTPS certificate for you and configure automatic renewal. This configuration may take a few minutes to complete. Until this is done you may see some transient error messages.

If you are using Cloudflare to manage your DNS entries, make sure the orange clouded icon is disabled, otherwise entries will not redirect to the right IP addresses and your custom domain configuration will not succeed.

The TXT DNS record is used for domain ownership checking and must not be removed after completing the configuration, otherwise, the verification is invalidated within 30 days and your custom domain will stop working.

Updated on: 02/06/2021

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