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Roles and permissions 👮

Roles define what project collaborators are allowed to do. Noticeable supports multiple roles. This page summarizes what are the available roles and their associated permissions.

Viewer Role

A project collaborator who is granted the viewer role gets read access to all project data: configurations, labels, publications including drafts. However, a viewer cannot create, update or delete any project related data.

Editor Role

A project collaborator who is granted the editor role inherits the viewer permissions and gets write access to publications and labels. An editor can create, update, delete labels and publications. However, updating project settings (e.g. Newspage preferences or Widgets settings) is not allowed.

Admin Role

The admin role inherits the editor permissions and gets write permission to all project data.

Owner Role

A collaborator who is granted the owner role at the organization level gets the owner role at the projects level. Note that only an existing organization owner can invite another person as an organization owner.

As a project owner, a collaborator inherits the admin permissions and gets the permission to delete projects.
As an organization owner, a collaborator gets read and write access to API tokens, billing data, integrations, and more generally all organization and project data.

You can invite multiple owners per organization. This is particularly useful to transfer ownership from an account to another. Also note that each owner invitation at the organization level consumes a collaborator slot at the projects level.

Updated on: 04/03/2021

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