Roles define what project collaborators are allowed to perform (i.e. their permissions). Noticeable supports multiple roles. Here is a summary of what are the available roles and associated permissions:


A user who is granted the viewer role gets read access to all project data (configurations, labels, posts including drafts) with 3 exceptions:

read access to the API Access Tokens dashboard is forbidden.
read access to the Zapier API key is forbidden.
read access to usage and billing data is forbidden.

A user with the viewer role cannot create, update or delete any project related data.


A user who is granted the editor role inherits the viewer permissions and gets write access to posts and labels.

An editor can create, update, delete labels and posts. However, updating project settings (e.g. timeline preferences, widget settings, translation texts, etc.) is not allowed.


A user who is granted the admin role inherits the editor permissions and gets write permission to all project data.


The user who creates a project is automatically granted the owner role. Only one owner is allowed per project and it cannot be changed.

A owner has full read and write accesses to any project data.
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