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Emoji Reactions 🙂

Emoji Reactions are a fun, low-effort means for users to engage with your content and for you to better understand what your users or customers think about your updates.

Why Emoji Reactions?

Getting people to actively participate is key to developing stronger relationships. Users who engage consume, on average, 4 times as much content compared to passive users. Converting more passive users to active participants means more time on site, direct traffic, and audience loyalty.

Enabling Emoji Reactions

When you edit a publication, on step 2 (options), click on the Behaviors settings group and enable the switch for the option Collect users reaction with emojis.

Evaluating Reactions Performance

Open the Noticeable dashboard, select a project. Then, on the list of publications that is displayed, identify the publication you are interested in and click on the set of performance icons:

The page that appears display analytics.

Updated on: 02/06/2021

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