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What are the different publication statuses and their meaning?

This article introduces the different publication statuses and their meaning.

When you create a publication, different options are offered. Depending on the options you use, your publication will have different statuses and this will impact how, when, and where your publications are displayed.

Archived: a publication gets the archived status when it is explicitly set as Archived by a collaborator with the Editor permission on the Noticeable dashboard. The Archived status has no impact on how the publication is displayed on Newspages and Widgets. It only affects how it is displayed on the Noticeable dashboard. Setting a publication as Archived is a way to hide the publication from the list of publications on the Noticeable dashboard since the dashboard lists non-archived publications by default. For instance, this is useful in the case you are writing a lot of segmented publications and want to keep only some announcements visible on the dashboard.
Draft: a publication has the draft status when it is marked as a draft in Step 3 "Summary" from the edition flow of a publication. This is also the default status of a publication when you create a new one. Draft publications are not displayed to users on Newspages or Widgets.
Expired: a publication is said expired if its expiration time is before the current date and time. Defining an expiration time is optional. This option can be configured on Step 2 "Options" of the edition flow. Expired publications are not displayed to users on Newspages or Widgets.
Pinned: a publication that is pinned affects the order in which this publication appears on Newspages and Widgets. Pinned publications appear before non-pinned publications. A pinned publication may not be displayed depending on the other statuses the publication has (e.g. draft, expired, scheduled, or segmented).
Published: a publication is said published when it is not draft, not expired, and not scheduled. In that case, the publication is displayed to users on Newspages and Widgets depending on the segments you set to the publication and on the widgets.
Scheduled: a publication is scheduled when you set a publication time that is after the current time. Scheduled publications are not displayed to users on Newspages or Widgets. Once time elapsed and the publication time of the publication is before the current date and time, then the publication loses its "Scheduled" status and transitions to "Published", except if an expiration constraint is satisfied.
Segmented: a segmented publication is a publication that has segments associated with it. Segments are defined on Step 2 "Options" of edition flow. The purpose of segments is to display the publication to a restricted set of users. You can learn more on our dedicated article about segmentation: Publication Segmentation 🎯

Note that some statuses are cumulative. You can have a publication that is Archived, Published, and Segmented, all at the same time. However, it is not possible to have for instance a publication that is Draft and Published.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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