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What is email link tracking?

What is Link Tracking?

Like Open Tracking, Link Tracking is a method of collecting valuable information about how your recipients interact with the emails you send. Unlike Open Tracking, Link Tracking does not rely on the user allowing images in their email client. Any tracked link that the user clicks on will record statistics. Link Tracking can also provide helpful diagnostics, such as determining if a particular recipient has clicked a link that was emailed to them.

How does it work?

When Link Tracking has been enabled, links in your messages will be replaced with new links that route through Noticeable servers. When an email recipient clicks on a tracked link, the URL is opened in their default browser. The browser will request the URL from one of our Noticeable servers, at which point we record information about the user's location, what browser they are using, and in which part of the email the link was clicked. While we record this information, we simultaneously redirect the user to the original URL in your email. The tracking domain that the user will see is

Links tracked by Noticeable do not expire. Since services like Gmail retain emails for years, it's possible that your recipients may search for and follow links for a long time into the future. Each tracked link issued by Noticeable contains all the necessary information to redirect to the original URL, so the link you send to your recipients will continue to work for the foreseeable future. Our redirection infrastructure is also globally distributed and redundant, and we built it with the goal of making sure the link redirection is as transparent and fast as possible for your recipients.

All links tracked by Noticeable are routed through our servers using HTTPS/TLS. Unlike other link tracking services that use non-encrypted HTTP connections, we ensure that eavesdroppers cannot capture the links sent to your recipients due to the redirection link using a non-encrypted HTTP URL. Some emails tend to contain recipient-specific links, so having "full-time" HTTPS for Tracked Links is an important protection that we believe is essential for your most important emails.

Updated on: 07/12/2022

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