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Why Noticeable?

The most important moment for your users to care about new product features or improvements is when they're using your product, so that's exactly where you should be announcing your updates: in-app.

With Noticeable, you can easily announce relevant news, your latest features, and updates using a nice widget. Users can send feedback, which provides immediately interpretable, and actionable data to improve your product and reduce churn.

That's not all. A single channel to communicate your important updates is often not enough. That's why Noticeable provides a Newspage but also integrates with 2,000+ services via Zapier. Soon, web notifications and native email forwarding will also be part of the service.

To sum up, Noticeable improves user engagement with an easy to use newsfeed and changelog that you can embed on your pages thanks to its widgets. Besides, you can grow without worrying about the scalability, reliability, and maintenance of your notification center and changelog. You save weeks of development headache and you can focus on what makes your app unique instead of publishing manually the same update on different channels.

Updated on: 02/07/2021

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