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Single Opt-in vs. Double Opt-in

Two signup methods are available through Noticeable: single opt-in and double opt-in. Both are easy, secure ways to collect new contact information and engage your audience. If you have an audience in Noticeable, you can choose between the two.

Single opt-in

The single opt-in method is probably what you think of when you sign up to email marketing. A contact fills out an email subscription form, clicks submit, and their information is saved in your audience. Behind the scenes, for record keeping purposes, the form saves important information like the contact's IP address and the date and time they signed up.

This method is useful for commerce customers who need an easy way to grow their audience quickly and sell more stuff. Single opt-in streamlines the signup process, and it’s particularly useful if people sign up to your emails through a mobile device.

Double opt-in

The double opt-in method has a few more steps, but it's still easy to use. It's just like single opt-in, but it includes a confirmation step where the contact receives an email and has to confirm their signup.

A contact fills out a Noticeable email subscription form.
They receive the opt-in confirmation email, and click the link to confirm.
They're added to your audience as a subscriber, along with important information like their IP address and when they signed up and confirmed their subscription.

An advantage of the double opt-in process is that you'll know the email address is for a valid, monitored inbox. We recommend double opt-in for companies who aren't focused on audience growth, or who have had low open rates or abuse complaints in the past.

Companies may also decide to use a double opt-in process to satisfy regulations that may apply in the particular market or country in which they operate.

Updated on: 04/20/2022

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