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Okta user provisioning integration with SCIM

Noticeable supports account deactivation and reactivation with Okta through SCIM.

Supported Features

The following provisioning features are supported by Noticeable at present:

Push User Deactivation: Deactivating the user or disabling the user's access to the application through Okta will deactivate the user in the third-party application (Noticeable).

Reactivate Users: User accounts can be reactivated in the application.

Other Okta provisioning features are not implemented.

Deactivating a user means removing access to login, but maintaining the user's Noticeable information as an inactive user.


SCIM-based user provisioning is available to customers on the Enterprise plan.

Getting your SCIM authorization value

Open the Noticeable dashboard.

From the left menu, click on Integrations. A page that lists available integrations appears.

Locate the Single Sign-On integration and click on Configure. The configuration page is displayed.

On the configuration page, click SCIM Provisioning. This opens a dialog that displays your SCIM authorization value. Copy this value. It is unique to your organization and will be used in the following to configure Okta.

Step-by-step configuration instructions

Log in to your Okta account and navigate to the Noticeable application.

Click the Provisioning tab in the application and tap on Configure API Integration.

Check the option Enable API Integration, then as API Token, enter the SCIM authorization value you copied previously from the Noticeable dashboard.

Click Test API Credentials, then Save. You get access to the provisioning configuration options.

Click Edit, check Enable for the option Deactivate Users and Save.

Congratulations! user deactivation and reactivation is enabled. If you unassign or deactivate a user account on Okta, the existing account on Noticeable is disabled: the user can no longer sign-in to Noticeable. Upon reactivation in Okta, the account on Noticeable is re-enabled and the user can sign-in again.

Known Issues / Troubleshooting


Updated on: 02/18/2021

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