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How to Upgrade from Legacy Timelines?

As of February 1, 2021, we renamed Timelines to Newspages. The backend has also been completely rewritten to improve security and better handle the scale. As part of these changes, DNS records for your custom domain must be changed and Newspages must now be embedded in your pages as a Noticeable Widget by using our new JavaScript SDK. The change is purely technical. Your Newspage aesthetic will remain the same.

Legacy Noticeable Timelines have been deprecated on February 1, 2021 and started redirecting to this page on April 9, 2021. We sent up to 4 upgrade emails to organization owners and project admins between February and April 2021. To re-enable your custom domain, please update your DNS records as explained below.

Updating DNS records

We changed our backend infrastructure. As part of this change, you need to update the DNS records that are used to serve your custom domain.

Open the Noticeable Dashboard.
Select your project and click on Newspage on the left menu.
Follow the custom domain setup instructions under Basic & Custom Domain section.
Click on the Verify button:

You can remove the old DNS records of type A associated with your custom domain that point to and along with the CNAME or TXT record that you added for domain verification by Google Firebase (the old infrastructure provider we were using).

Embedding Newspages

Why are we introducing changes?

Embedding Newspages onto your pages using a raw iframe is really simple but suffers from issues:

the iframe height does not adapt automatically to its content.
you cannot get the URL of a specific publication or open it directly (hash routing).
blinking may occur while the iframe loads a new page.

We were providing code in a Github repository to alleviate these issues but installation and updates were cumbersome.

The new Newspage Embed Widget is a 2-line code snippet to drop into your pages. It loads your Noticeable Newspages, automatically adapts its height based on the Newspage content, supports hash routing, and provides smooth loading animations. Besides, updates are automatic and segmentation can be used as with the other widgets.

How to create a Newspage Embed Widget?

Open the Noticeable dashboard.
Select Widgets in the left menu.
Click on the button named New Widget near the top right side. This opens the live editor for the widget you just created.
Change the Widget type to Newspage embed from Popup and edit the options you want:

Click on Install onto your site in the bottom right side.
Copy the code snippet that is provided and paste it into your page.
That's it. Enjoy 🎉

Updated on: 12/16/2022

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