Noticeable allows collecting email addresses of people interested by your product:

Thanks to collected addresses, you can automatically forward an email to interested users when a new post is published. However, this feature requires a one-time configuration.

We know the following configuration may be cumbersome. We're working on a native integration that requires no advanced configuration steps. If you are interested in being part of our early testers once the feature is in beta, contact us.

Configuring Noticeable to forward updates by email

Actions to perform when a post is published are managed via integrations. Noticeable integrates with more than 1,000 services through Zapier.

To forward updates by email we recommend to link your Noticeable project with an email service such as Mailgun or MailJet. In this example, we are using Mailgun.

Binding your Noticeable project with Zapier

Here are the steps to perform:

Open your projects dashboard.
Select the project to configure.
Click on Integrations in the menu bar.
Press the button Authenticate your Zapier account.

At this stage, you need a Zapier account. Follow what appears in the popup that opens in order to login or create an account. Once linked, the next steps consist in creating a mailing list on Mailgun and configuring 2 integrations:

A first that adds collected subscribers from your Noticeable Timeline to your Mailgun mailing list.
A second that sends an email to your mailing list when a post is published (upon reception, Mailgun automatically transfers the email to subscribers).

Creating your mailing list

We assume you have already created an account on Mailgun and configured your domain for sending emails.

To create your mailing list that will be used to send the same message to multiple users, click on Mailing Lists in your Mailgun dashboard, then Create Mailing List and complete the form that appears as follows:

You can adapt the values as you need but keep the access level to read only since only you must be allowed to send emails to the list.

Adding collected subscribers to your mailing list

Once the mailing is created you can configure your first integration to add collected subscribers to your Mailgun mailing list. For this purpose, we provide a ready to use template to set up the integration in no time.

Look for Add new Noticeable subscribers to your Mailgun mailing list in Popular Noticeable Workflows and click on Use this Zap:

In the frame that appears, follow the instructions.

Creating and forwarding an email when new posts are published

Your subscribers are now ready to receive emails. The last step consists of creating an email and sending it to your mailing list address when a Noticeable post is published.

Again, we provide a one-click Zapier template for this Noticeable-Mailgun integration:

By clicking on Use this Zap, configuration instructions appear. Complete this last step to enjoy automatic emails forwarding.

Enjoy your automation!
When you create a new post, check the box Forward to integrations before saving.

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