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How to create and organize publication templates for reuse?

Do you want to create publication templates that you can easily reuse when you have a new announcement, product update, or incident to write about?

A publication template is a publication with predefined content and options. In other words, it's a publication that you can easily identify and reuse to serve your purpose. In Noticeable you have at least 2 manners to keep your publication templates organized and easy to use:

Labeling template publications directly inside a project with a dedicated Template label. That's convenient if you have a few templates only.
Creating a dedicated project. That's the recommended manner to proceed since you can apply different labels to different template publications, which is really useful to apply filtering in the case you manage many templates.

Using a dedicated label

This first solution assumes that all publication templates will share a common label. So let's start to create a new label:

Click on "Labels" in the left menu on the dashboard.
Enter a label name. For instance "Template".
Select a background and foreground color.
As a slug value, you can keep the default one: "template".
Make sure to enable the "private" option. This ensures the label is not visible to users on your Newspage and Widgets. You and other collaborators will see private labels on the dashboard only.

Once the label is created, create a new publication. Fill in the content and set options as desired. Make sure to add the label entitled "Template" to the list of labels. This publication will act as a template.

That's it, your template is ready. When you are looking for templates, you can filter publications using the label named "Template" on your publication list page. This will show up publication templates. To create a new publication from a template, click on the 3 dots icon at the end of the publication line and select "Duplicate":

Using a dedicated project

This second solution supposes that you will dedicate a project for your publication templates.

Create a new project. For instance, "Templates".
Add new publication templates inside this project.

That's it. When you want to create a new publication from a template, you open your "Templates" project and click on the 3 dots icon at the end of the publication line and select "Duplicate". The difference is that on the popup that appears you select to copy the template in a different project:

Updated on: 11/18/2022

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