Each plan includes a limit on the number of requests allowed per month. The limit is there to protect our infrastructure but also to provide the best quality of service by allocating resources based on your needs.

Requests correspond to calls (e.g. Widget data loading, Timeline page views or API calls) that reach our servers to retrieve fresh content.

By default, content that is returned to clients for a request is cached for 5 minutes thanks to a first-class Content Delivery Network (CDN). As a consequence, requests performed within the cache period are not counted over your quota.

In average less than 1/3 of the requests return fresh content. However, this depends on the features you are using but also your users' location. In the worst case, and depending on the features you are using (e.g. if IP filtering is enabled) you request count will be equal to the number of page views and API calls.

By upgrading to a higher plan you get more requests. Once you are on the Business plan, you can buy extra Requests by 10k increment at a fair price.

Project owners have access to live usage in their billing & usage area:

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