Version 2 of the Noticeable-Zapier integration is a major step. It includes new actions and triggers that open Noticeable to more use cases but also simplifies the integration with other services you like. 

The side effect is that upgrading to this version requires a few minor actions on Zapier since we do not have control over their API and infrastructure. Here are the steps:

Open you Zapier dashboard and click on "Zaps" in the upper left side:

In the list of Zaps that appears, click on the Zap to upgrade:

At this stage, you should see the Zap editor at least a trigger and an action. Click on the trigger or action to upgrade (trigger for the example below):

The app associated with the trigger/action appears (Noticeable 1.0.8):

In the search box, type "Noticeable" and select the version with no number in parentheses. This is the latest one.

Complete the trigger/action configuration:

Turn your Zap on again:

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