IP Access Management

IP Access Management is a security feature that allows controlling who can access your project data from the Noticeable API, Timeline page and Plug & Play Widget.

Once enabled, project data are accessible from whitelisted IP addresses or ranges only. Any other access attempts will be blocked. 

Enabling IP Access Management

The feature is managed per project: 

Open a project page.
Select "Settings" in the project menu bar:

Click on "Configure Filtering" and "Enable IP Filtering":

The first time the feature is enabled, all traffic is filtered. Be sure to enable IP Access Management if you need to restrict access to your data only.

The page that appears lists IP addresses and ranges that are allowed:

Click on the "Whitelist Address" button to add a new entry.

It is possible for advanced users to use the CIDR notation to whitelist a range of IP addresses. To do so, simply enter your routing prefix followed by a / and then the number of bits in your routing mask. For example:
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